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GlobalDWS DSR Spotlight Series: Meet Keyan Fayaz, Systems Engineer

Updated: Jan 18, 2021

Tell us a little about yourself.

My name is Keyan Fayaz, and I have been working here at GlobalDWS (Toronto Headquarters) for about a year and a half now. I have been working with service robots for about three years, so having that experience has been a success factor for my work here. I studied Computer Science at Queen’s University where I had an emphasized focus on development which has helped me become more specialized in the robotics and IoT platforms that we use at GDWS.

What is your role at GlobalDWS? What excites you about your work here?

What excites me is that our team is made up of people from such diverse backgrounds that each bring a different set of skills to the table. This allows us to discuss both technical and non-technical aspects to any given solution and determine the best approach to get this done.

We are often able to integrate a series of components or devices together to accomplish some task that wasn’t previously easy to do, and sometimes even possible. We’ve been able to address so many of our customers’ business needs this way and help them digitize some of their employee and customer experiences to improve their business’ functions.

What are you working on now?

When it comes to DSR, I am primarily involved in designing the disinfection methods, including the related safety procedures. This process involves the consideration of several intelligence layers, such as integrating artificial intelligence and machine learning to optimize the disinfection times and improve safety precautions.

One of my main tasks for DSR has been to design, prototype, develop, and test the UV-C disinfection system: from identifying what bulbs we need to what the final UV disinfection panel looks like, I have been working on optimizing this method of disinfection to deliver the highest output possible. A lot of my work has also been on the disinfection routine: Figuring out how we can simplify and optimize the disinfection process for the DSR so we can deliver a solution that is reliable, easy to use, and good at its job.

One of the features we identified quickly – was that to keep everyone safe in the building, the DSR should have a mechanism of detecting when a human has entered a room that would turn off the UV-C. This is to ensure that not only we are kept safe, but our customer-base as well.

What is something that happens at GDWS that wouldn’t happen anywhere else?

We go through extensive efforts to ensure the quality and functionality of our solutions for our customers. With the DSR, for example, we’ve worked with some of the top experts in the fields of disinfection methods and efficacy against COVID-19 to ensure we are delivering a highly effective solution. We want to make sure that our solution works, and that it works well. Some other companies may care more about looks or speed to market, but for us, it’s how well it works and how easy it is to use. You can think of us like the Apple of service robots. If we haven’t released it yet, it’s because we’re working on perfecting it so you and your team can use the solution the right way.

Another thing is our deep knowledge and background in Microsoft AI and IoT platforms that allow us to add specific functionalities to any solution we deliver. Whether it’s custom vision, conversational design, or something completely custom that has not been developed before. Our team has the capability to not only improve an existing solution, but to also create something amazing from scratch.

What are you most proud of?

First, I am most proud of how well our team has been able to work and collaborate despite a global pandemic. We’ve adopted a hybrid workflow between in-person and remote work where each team member is enabled to continue doing a good job. The second thing I’m proud of is our team’s dedication to this company and to delivering high-quality solutions. For some of us, it’s difficult to be effective without physically being in the same room as our robots and we’ve seen endless dedication from those team members to come to the office to get their job done. For those who it’s not necessary to be in the office, I see they are in meetings all day and sometimes working at nights to ensure they are delivering what is needed of them. This team really works hard to produce great quality work and that is what I admire about our team.

What is your dream for DSR?

My dream for the DSR is for it to seamlessly exist in any given workplace environment. I hope our customers will see the true potential of the DSR in their workplace, and that this sparks the beginning of not only routine-based disinfection, but also routine-based microprocesses within their business where service robots can play an effective role. By leveraging technologies such as autonomous navigation, custom vision, mixed reality, and other AI and ML technologies, our team at GlobalDWS can really empower workplaces to continue doing great work while optimizing their internal and external processes.

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