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GlobalDWS Service Robots Lineup

Service Robots

Harness the power of Robotics and AI to improve safety, increase productivity and engage people.

GlobalDWS is both a value-added reseller and manufacturer of service robots. As a Gold Partner with Microsoft, we integrate hardware and software with our proprietary robot management system (RMS) on Microsoft's secure Azure IoT local cloud platform to ensure data security, privacy and to enable cost-efficient, remote support when needed.  

Greeter Robots

We offer a variety of hardware options to serve as greeters and to help automate some of the repetitive tasks typically performed by receptionists.  


  • Check-in and Check-out 

          streamline entry and exit procedures for visitors  

  • Visitor Tracking and Security 

Digital log of visitor entries and exits, enhances security and expedites contact tracing when needed 



  • Facial Recognition: with permission, create local database of faces/names to personalize greetings and expedite entry 

  • Guided Navigation Support: wayfinding assistance using SLAM to escort visitors to meeting rooms/offices, etc. 

  • Health Screening/Monitoring: non-invasive health checks 

  • Social Engagement: music, simple conversation, weather, news 

  • Telepresence: enable video calls with family members, medical team or work colleagues from other locations 

Greeter Robots

Social Engagement Robots

Robots that can communicate and offer engaging activities via the embedded tablet are popular for retirement/LTC homes, schools, daycares, hospitals, special events and more.  


Reduce boredom and provide innovative ways to entertain residents, guests and staff with a range of modules, including: 

  • Chat, simple conversation 

  • Music and games 

  • Books and jokes 

  • Weather and news highlights 

  • Event schedule, menu reminders 

  • Dance party, movement/light exercise 


Our social engagement applications are available on a range of hardware options - usually our humanoid robots (but can also be added to other robots if they have an Android tablet and speakers).

Social Engagement Robots

Delivery Robots 

We offer a range of hardware options to suit your business needs for delivering items of all shapes and sizes in a cost-effective and environmentally-friendly way.    

Delivery Robots.jpg

Are you looking for help in the dining room? (e.g. carrying plates to tables and returning dirty dishes back to the kitchen)


Maybe you need a load of sheets or towels sent up to a guest's room. Or guests want to buy some snacks but can't come down to the front desk in person.


Our advanced, self-charging robots can be integrated with your elevator operating systems to go to where they are needed and return to their charging station when the battery indicates it is time to re-charge.


While there are many fixed sensors and security systems you can use to ensure safety and security both inside and outside your buildings, there are situations where having an autonomous or semi-autonomous mobile service robot can be more cost-effective. We can also integrate data collected from our service robots with fixed sensors/IoT for a comprehensive view of your operation.

Infection Control/Disinfection


Designed and made in Canada during the COVID-19 pandemic, GlobalDWS offers our Disinfection Service Robot (DSR) platform - an autonomous solution that combines hardware and software. The base is equipped with Ultraviolet C (UV-C) lights and viral disinfectant solution to eliminate airborne and surface-dwelling viruses and bacteria in indoor spaces. 

Our DSR Control App and Management Portal offers a real-time analytics dashboard and allows the user to easily configure floor plans and map obstacle avoidance.


VirBrix Screen.png

Available for prompt inspection projects or fullscale facility deployment, VirBrix fuses real-time data collection with advanced data visualization tools and our predictive AI to empower decision makers to quickly and easily optimize resource utilization and improve employee experience. 

VirBrix, powered by GlobalDWS, is a digital twin hardware and software solution that inspects and analyzes the health & safety, occupancy, physical security and ESG of workplace environments.

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