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Team member using VR Headset.

SMARTProducts for Smart Work

We build different products that merge the latest emerging technologies such as AI, Robotics, IoT & Mixed Reality, to solve your modern business problems.


GlobalDWS Products

Autonomous service robot with UV-C lights disinfecting desk with sticky notes and medical charts.

Disinfection Service Robot (DSR)

GlobalDWS Disinfection Service Robot (DSR) is an autonomous solution that is equipped with Ultraviolet C (UV-C) lights and virus disinfectant solution to eliminate COVID-19 virus from surfaces in public areas and workplaces without any human intervention.

Woman and children sitting on floor with small service robot.

Education Reading Assistant (ERA)

Welcome to the next ERA of personalized student assessment! The Education Reading Assistant (ERA) solution is a teacher's digital colleague that conducts running records in real time, provides reading levels and data driven insights instantly.

Person working on macbook laptop and monitor.

SMARTWork Applications

Enabling the Future of Work. Our ready-to-deploy business solutions combine the latest innovative technologies on a single and secure platform to enable your organization in today’s dynamic workplace.

People mingling and interacting with service robots in open community space.

Robotic Applications

With over a decade of experience in developing custom software applications, our pre-built software solutions can be easily configured to your branding, business processes, and organizational culture. Combine our apps with the functionality of service robots or have them stand-alone on a tablet or headset device.

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