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Education Reading Assistant (ERA)

Welcome to the next ERA of personalized learning, powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML).

Education Reading Assistant

The Education Reading Assistant (ERA) is a teacher's digital colleague that conducts running records in real time to provide reading levels and data-driven insights instantly.


Leveraging Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, ERA augments teachers and amplifies student learning by personalizing assessment, leaving teachers more time to make meaningful connections with their students.


Providing Student and Class Reading Levels in Real Time, All the Time

How can we use technology to give teachers more time and amplify student learning?


Time Savings

ERA can conduct running records in real time. What would normally take a teacher 20+ minutes per student, plus analysis, can now happen in an instant; leaving teachers more time for one-on-one connection.

Personalized Learning Strategies

ERA provides teachers with specific miscues instantly. This insight allows teachers to customize their strategies and re-check them every few weeks. If a strategy is not working the teacher can make adjustments faster based on real time data.


Assigns Reading Levels Based on Error Rate

ERA assigns reading levels in real time based on the student's last assessment. ERA can be connected to leveled digital libraries and databases, making it easier to have students reading at the right levels for learning, all the time.

Students in Classroom with masks.
Desktop screen displaying a teacher’s dashboard with pie and bar charts.
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Increasing Student Engagement & Performance

ERA digitally captures reading miscues to identify trends and gaps at the individual level to increase student engagement.

Students in Classroom with masks.

"Teachers' time is one of a school's most valuable and scarce resources."

Jill Anderson

Harvard Graduate School of Education

Data Driven Decision Making

The future of education is about using technology to help teachers become even more human-centric. It is about using technology to make learning more personalized. It is about giving teachers back time to have more one-on-one interactions with their students.

The Future of Education is not Technology-Led, it is Technology-Assisted

Personalized learning and assessment will significantly augment teacher abilities, amplify student learning and prepare students for the fast changing future. This approach has become the focus of the best educators and thought leading school systems around the world.

Service robot screen displaying  landing page with text, ’Hello I’m ERA, your education reading assistant.

ERA can be Adapted to Multiple Robots and Devices

ERA is voice activated and can be integrated into third party digital libraries, making it the perfect solution for running record assessments in school and at home. On certain education robot models ERA comes with:

  • Projector

  • Speaker with Voice Enabled Assistant

  • Autonomous Navigation & Obstacle Sensor

Save Time with Dashboard Insights

ERA's dashboard allows teachers to see all student reading levels in real time, highlighting students reading at grade level and those that require further enrichment. Real time analytics help teachers assess which strategies are working best for each individual student.

Three stacked desktop screens displaying dashboards with various infographics and numbers.
Tabletop service robot with landing screen with text ‘Great Effort, Michelle!’

ERA uses AI-powered voice analytics to help educators personalize learning.


A New ERA in Personalized Learning and Assessment

A transformative AI system that can be implemented in a number of device types. From education robots to tablets, ERA unleashes personalized learning and assessment. 


Overview of ERA Platform

ERA stands for Education Reading Assistant, a multi-system platform aimed at easing the lives of teachers and parents by personalizing reading assessments to ensure each individual student excels in their learning. Leveraging our AI voice analysis system, ERA is able to identify which errors students make to empower them to overcome these challenges. Teachers are able to access their class’s results in real-time through the ERA online platform.


Discover how ERA supports teachers and amplifies student learning.


ERA in the News

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