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SMARTWork Applications

Enable innovation in your organization with smart applications for smart work.

PRODUCTS: Robotic Applicatios
SMARTWork Applications
Man in blue shirt assists another man using Microsoft hololens mixed reality headset.

Revolutionize your Employee Onboarding Experience with Mixed Reality


En​hance the onboarding experience for new staff


Developed an interactive application on Microsoft HoloLens to enhance the employee onboarding experience, affection all new hire processes from orientation to training.


  • Enhanced new hire orientation with an interactive application

  • Improve team culture, gain insights on your organization's culture & functional training

  • Improved quality of employment with 360° views of the organization

Optimize Communication with Email Automation Software


Cluttered inboxes and high-volume and frequency of email communication is the primary challenge for information worker productivity.


Our cloud-based, user-centric secure email visualization management tool offers users real-time business intelligence. The email experience is transformed using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to scan one or more mailboxes, provide advanced analytics and actionable recommendations to manage and secure email volume with ease, speed and efficiency.​


  • Intuitive Sort & Filter

  • Advanced Analytics

  • Pattern Assessment

  • Actionable Insights

  • Recommendations Engine

  • Secure Integration

Laptop screen with Outlook and warm lights in the background.
Hand holding digital globe with digital icons flying around.

Enhance your Business Environment with Workplace Analytics


Technology has consumed the way most industries work. One of the main challenges for businesses today is using technology to get past many of the distractions it has caused: meetings, emails and too much time staring at spreadsheets.


Leverage workplace data analytics to analyze employee productivity and employee experience to create a smart, sustainable workplace. Workplace Analytics takes a holistic view of collaboration to measure how your organization works.


  • Analyze employee productivity and employee experience

  • Harness analytics at the personal, team and organizational levels

  • Use insights to provide recommendations to empower employees

  • Promote a healthy and proactive psychosocial work environment

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