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1st Global Hackathon on Service Robotics

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Uniting innovators, creative thinkers, hackers and designers from all over the world to unlock the potential of service robotics and help solve world problems.

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ROBOCON in partnership with GlobalDWS is a first of its kind Global Hackathon focused on service robots.


Robocon will bring together innovators, engineers and problem solvers around the world to get involved in our technology community and contribute to unlocking the potential of service robotics to help solve world problems.


This event will be first of its kind and hosted virtually. All participants will be given one week to come up with their greatest hacks. This is a great opportunity for programmers, hackers, designers, innovators and creative minded people from across the world to come together and use their talent to come up with new service robotic applications that will enhance the quality of life. 

Why Service Robots?


Although the service robotics market today may look much smaller than the traditional industrial robots market, the fields of application of service robots are much wider. In fact, the service robotics industry could potentially even overtake the industrial robotics industry in the future making a greater impact on the world economy. Therefore we believe that now is a great time to further explore the potential applications of service robots and be pioneers in this field.

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