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GlobalDWS Corporation is a leading international systems integrator and provider of cognitive services and innovative technologies, including AI, IoT, and Service Robotics, to empower the modern workplace.

Enabling the Future of Work

What are you trying to achieve in your organization?

Our team at GDWS utilizes our diverse knowledge and experience to help our customers design and deploy the right solution to support their business and technology strategy.

Young woman in business attire organizing tasks for a business project.
Globe on tablet computer at office desktop. Media app icons flying around the globe. There is a warm glow behind the globe.
Engineer works with a HoloLens place a virtual robotic arm into the production line.


Operational assistance to help organizations realize their digital ambition.


Enable innovation that leads to new business capabilities infused with digital technologies.


Explore how GDWS products can help your organization embrace the future of work.

Partners Make More Possible

GlobalDWS has established strategic partnerships with industry-leaders around the globe to address the needs of our current and future customers in a scalable and agile way. 

The Outcome of End-to-End Solutions

Low Angle View of Skyscrapers in Chicago

Reduce Operational Costs

Smart city and communication network concept.

Augment Safe and Secure Working Environment

Adult woman in casual clothes checking and writing the schedule on diary on the desk.

Increase Productivity

Laptop screen webcam view different ethnicity and age people engaged in group videocall. Video conference lead by african businessman leader.

Increase Teamwide Collaboration and Employee Retention

Game Designer

Why GlobalDWS?

GlobalDWS provides the best and latest technologies to enrich and simplify the human experience. Our mission is to help customers harness unutilized value in their business model by adopting advanced technologies to enable smart education, smart buildings, smart communities, smart industries, and smart cities.​