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Made-in-Canada GlobalDWS robot solutions on display at NGen N3 Summit

On February 8, 2024, GlobalDWS was pleased to participate in the inaugural N3 Summit, a showcase of Canadian innovation hosted by NGen* - the industry-led, non-profit organization leading Canada's global innovation cluster for advanced manufacturing. The event brought together thought leaders from across Canada to explore what's new, now and next in advanced manufacturing - from electric vehicles to healthcare to robotics. Our focus was on the AI, Automation and Robotics stream and our booth was jam packed throughout the day with three of our robots on display.


Disinfection Service Robot


During the COVID-19 pandemic, GlobalDWS designed and manufactured this 'made-in-Canada' disinfection service robot (DSR) with support from NGen.  Our DSR was delivered on time to support organizations that were urgently seeking an effective way to eliminate viruses from surfaces in public areas and workplaces without any human intervention. Leveraging custom computer vision, voice interaction and autonomous navigation, our DSR integrates a two-barrier disinfection solution on a single and secure platform. It can be used to improve the disinfection routines in any workspace or indoor facility such as senior homes, hospitals, schools and food courts.


VirBrix Inspection Robot

Built on the same mobile base as the DSR, the VirBrix inspection robot incorporates real-time data capture, AI, and advanced data visualization to empower decision makers to optimize health, safety, security and resource utilization in their workspaces. Proudly made in Canada, the VirBrix platform is available to provide inspection metrics with significantly lower infrastructure costs and faster implementation than typical IoT deployments. Our proven solution can be securely integrated with CAD, BIM and BAS/BMS systems used by facility managers and environmental services and sustainability leadership.


Social Engagement Robot

What event would be complete without one of our engaging, humanoid robots? We were able to delight attendees by providing them with a print and digital memento of the N3 Summit using a photo booth app. Although this robot is imported, it had some Canadian-content courtesy of the 3D-manufactured camera holder!


Government Support for Digital Adoption

Our participation at the N3 Summit was not just to build awareness about the opportunity for robotics to transform the manufacturing sector. It was also to remind companies that government support is readily available to support them.  


In 2021, the government of Canada launched the Canada Digital Adoption Program (CDAP) to help offset some of the obstacles that businesses face in adopting new technologies. CDAP's Boost Your Business Technology grant helps small and medium enterprises to generate a digital adoption plan.


GlobalDWS is a certified advisor at the Federal and Provincial levels for Digital Transformation grant programs like CDAP and DCC. What does that mean for you? Our professional services team has worked with over 100 companies to kick-start their digital adoption journey. At GlobalDWS, we offer free needs assessment calls to expedite your grant applications.  We invite you to book a time to meet with us using this link.


*Based out of McMaster Innovation Park in Hamilton, Ontario, NGen stands for: Next Generation Manufacturing Canada

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