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Disinfection Service Robot (DSR)

Helping our Community Prepare for Tomorrow’s New Normal.

GlobalDWS Disinfection Service Robot (DSR) is an autonomous solution that is equipped with Ultraviolet C (UV-C) lights and virus disinfectant solution to eliminate COVID-19 virus from surfaces in public areas and workplaces without any human intervention.

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Solution for COVID-19 Response

DSR’s competitive advantage is its ability to leverage cognitive capabilities (custom vision, voice interaction and autonomous navigation) to integrate multiple disinfection solutions on a single and secure platform.


Multi-Barrier Disinfection Method

  • UV-C Light Disinfection

  • High-pressure atomizer containing disinfectant liquid

Autonomous Navigation

  • SLAMtec

Intelligent COVID-19 Assistant

  • Amelia by IPSoft

Thermal Imaging Camera

DSR Control App &

Management Portal

  • Check robot status (battery level, liquid level, etc.)

  • Conveniently control the operation of disinfectant spray, UV-C light, thermal camera and more

  • Schedule and modify the disinfection routine and generate daily reporting for insights

  • Send allerts and notifications

  • Configure floor plan and map obstacles

Increases health

and well-being


Enables human staff to focus on urgent and specialized, skill-based tasks. Reduces operational costs as the use of disinfection supplies are controlled and monitored remotely using the DSR Control App and Management Portal.

Inactivates harmful viruses through multi-barrier disinfection


Diffuses liquid gas disinfectant on hard surfaces using high pressure atomizer. Prevents reproduction of germs using 360-degree UV-C light, the most effective method of disinfection and virus inactivation.

Minimizes risk of infection using fever detection capability


Monitors people's safety by screening body temperatures using infrared thermal camera and AI cognitive services.

Applicable in many business settings, such as Healthcare, Food & Hospitality, Transportation, and Education.

Schedule and modify the disinfection routine and generate daily reporting for insights

Proudly Funded by NGen Canada

GlobalDWS is proud to announce that our Disinfection Service Robot (DSR) is one of the five projects selected for funding under NGen Canada's Disinfection Robot Challenge. We believe that Canada has the talent and infrastructure to create exceptionally innovative products to support local market needs associated with COVID-19. GlobalDWS will continue the development of our DSR and will add more capabilities to this platform to support our customers' most pressing needs.


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