Workplace Intelligence Platform (WIP)

A Centralized Hub to Connect All Company IoT Devices and Building Automation Systems (BAS).


The Workplace Intelligence Platform (WIP) by GlobalDWS Provides a Centralized Hub to Connect All Company IoT Devices + Building Automation Systems (BAS) 


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For a Safer Return to the Office

The Workplace Intelligence Platform (WIP) by GlobalDWS is a touchless and non-human interaction solution that has the capability to gather data from both existing and additional sensors systems within any commercial building space.


WIP intelligently monitors building health and status to minimize human intervention and maintain healthy, safe, secure environmental conditions for all building occupants. 



Multi-Barrier Disinfection Method

  • UV-C Light Disinfection

  • Antiviral Disinfectant Sprayer

Autonomous Navigation

  • Powered by SLAM Technology

Safety Features

  • Human Presence Detection

  • Emergency Stop Function (Software and Hardware)

DSR Control App & Management Portal

  • Check robot status (battery level, liquid level, etc.)

  • Conveniently control the operation of disinfectant spray, UV-C light, thermal camera and more

  • Schedule and modify the disinfection routine and generate daily reporting for insights

  • Send allerts and notifications

  • Configure floor plan and map obstacles

Upcoming Integrations

  • Thermal Camera


Leverages custom vision for screening body temperate using infrared thermal camera and AI cognitive services

Importance of using WIP in workplaces

Increase Efficiency, Health & Well-being


Deliver adequate UV dose to ensure proper disinfection. Prevent reproduction of germs using an array of UV-C light, the most effective method of disinfection and virus inactivation.


Reduce Operating Cost

Control and monitor the use of disinfection supplies remotely using the DSR Control App & Management Portal. Cleaning can be scheduled to ensure it does not hinder with work schedule.


Enhance Security with Cognitive Capabilities

Leverage cognitive capabilities (custom vision, voice interaction and autonomous navigation) and integrate a two-barrier disinfection solution on a single and secure platform.

Applicable in many business settings, such as Healthcare, Food & Hospitality, Transportation, and Education.


WIP offers advanced environmental analytics and seamless end-point integration on a single and secure platform.


Mobile Control App & Online Management Portal

DSR is managed using a mobile control app and a real-time analytics dashboard portal, giving the user a full platform to manage and monitor the disinfection process. Smart building integration is also possible through Microsoft Azure IoT central.

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Next Generation Manufacturing Canada

Proudly Funded by 

GlobalDWS is proud to announce that our Disinfection Service Robot (DSR) is one of the five projects selected for funding under NGen Canada's Disinfection Robot Challenge. We believe that Canada has the talent and infrastructure to create exceptionally innovative products to support local market needs associated with COVID-19. GlobalDWS will continue the development of our DSR and will add more capabilities to this platform to support our customers' most pressing needs.

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Schedule and modify the disinfection routine and generate daily reporting for insights.